Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A little bit about me.

I never really talk about myself on this blog so I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. Here it goes.

  • I don't like cats. And it's not just because I'm extremely allergic to them. It's because they are cold-hearted, aloof animals and they always leave piles of crap in my yard which I always, without fail, step into.
  • My favorite color is green. But my love for green encompasses the entire green family including turquoise, teal, sea foam, lime, olive, etc,.
  • I also like brown.
  • I am an odd mixture of lazy and OCD. It is difficult to live with me. Colin is a patient man.
  • I really, really like to watch people play video games. Just please, don't ask me to play.
  • I have an ever-growing list of pet peeves that I enjoy complaining about.
  • I laugh at my own jokes.
  • I love Jesus.
  • I am not a dreamer. I am usually pretty happy with life and I am a teeny bit afraid to dream because I don't like disappointment.
  • I need to work on that whole dreaming thing.
  • I grew up listening to my parent's records which included (but was not limited to)Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Sea Shanties, Miriam Makeba, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Keith Green, etc,. This shaped the person that I am today greatly.
  • I love my family a lot.
  • I love to bake but I don't really like to eat what I have made. I've been accused of making people fat. I have a feeling that I'll be that old lady who forces people to eat "one more helping" because she think that they need to.


Thi said...

Love your music selection! I got to listen to all that stuff growing up too. :) I still like most of it today.

alisha said...

I love green too! All of the green family, but forest green the least. I also love Jesus. :)

Erin Smith said...

Thi- It really is the best music.

Alisha- I am not a huge fan of forest green either. I go for the weird muddled greens most of the time.

Sarah LaPora said...

Erin...I loved reading a litle more about you.
I 'm not a fan of cats either because I also step in their poop and any other animals poop. Matt says if their is poop on the ground my shoes will find it :) Even when I was pregnant with Sop I stepped in it barefoot and couldn't clean between my toes because I could not reach them with my big belly . I know too much about the poop thing.
I also am lazy and OCD. A very hard thing to be and explain to others.
Love reading your blog, you are too funny!