Friday, February 12, 2010

An important lesson for Ben.

Ben and I watched Mulan yesterday. After it was over he said "I want to watch the bonus features." (How he learned about bonus features, I don't know.) So, I menued around and found the bonus features which consisted of three music videos from the Mulan soundtrack sung by Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, and...wait for it... Jackie Chan. Ben, not knowing who Jackie Chan is but sensing the excitement in my voice, chose the song "Make a Man Out of You" sung by Mr. Chan himself. The video opened up to Jackie picking a weapon (giant closet pole) and swinging it around artfully and then proceeding to poorly sing Ben's favorite song from Mulan in...wait for it... Chinese.

About 30 seconds in to the epicness Ben turns to me and says in a dead-sounding voice "Okay, I'm done now." He then left the room.

Lesson learned: Celebrities ruin everything. Especially your favorite Disney song.

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