Monday, September 21, 2009

Midnight Colinization

I've never shared with anyone other than Colin, the crazy things that he says to me at night. You see, Colin talks in his sleep. Being Colin, he can't do it like a normal person and talk about food or something. No, he spits out the most random phrases imaginable and I've recently started writing them down. With Colin's permission, I will now be documenting his sleep talking on my blog. It will be called "Midnight Colinization."

You see, at night I always read. I usually read too long because I'm kind of a book nut. Anyway, while I read, Colin is off in dreamland. A couple of times a week he will say something hilarious, ridiculous, and totally random. It usually begins like this: Colin starts making a gulping, clicking sound with his throat and then he begins to thrash around a little. He usually turns to me and starts mumbling incoherently. I say "What did you say Colin?" He repeats himself two or three times until he is speaking more clearly and then, I have my pearl of wisdom. He promptly turns over and begins the snore-fest.

So, without further ado, I will publish the first three Midnight Colinizations.

Midnight Colinization #1:
"Erin, you'd look funny coming out of the wall, mounted like a deer."

Midnight Colinization #2:
"I think it's best if he didn't hug his hogs!"

Midnight Colinization #3:
"That's some pretty fabulous foam inside the shampoo."

Note: I don't edit the grammar in these quotes and I SWEAR that I did not make this stuff up!


Ramelle said...

Colin must have watched that commercial with the moose-head mounted on the wall in one room and the rest of the moose-body in a second room, with a guy sitting at a computer beneath the moose's bum. Freud would say that even at work, Colin is thinking of you.

Thi said...

OMG!! Ha, ha, ha!! That is so funny! I even had to read them to Jason. Hillarious!

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome...what wonderful entertainment for you.....


Mary Ann said...

Too funny!