Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gemma goes to Costco

Today in Costco, Gemma made a very loud squeal in the book section. It turned a head or two. To the untrained ear it would have sounded like she was quickly screaming "EeeeeeeOhhhhhh." To the trained parental ears of Colin and myself, it was easily understood as Gemma saying "Peeeetotes!" Which again, to the untrained ear would sound like "whattheheckdidshejustsay?" But to the trained parental ears it was easily deciphered as Gemma screaming the word "PRINCESS!"

Yes, Gemma saw a boxed set of Disney Princess books. This is what caused The Great Costco shriek of 2009. So, being the good parents (i.e. softies) that we are, we picked up the $6 set of boks and handed them to our little lass. Of course she began chanting "peetote" followed by "fankies"(thank you) and a kiss for Daddy. Let me point out that she is only 21 months old, yet she is already able to bend us to her will and melt our hearts. Well played Gemma. Gemma-1 Parents-0