Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quoteable Quotes

Okay here are some cute quotes from Ben (who refuses to be called anything but "Monkey Moo" at the moment). Right now The Moot (aka Gemma) is at the "ba ba ba, ma ma" stage so her quotes aren't quite as memorable as Ben's but her time will come.

Ben saw his pool hanging in the garage and very sadly told Colin: "That is my swimming pool. I love to play in it, but it is taking a nap."

The other day Ben said "A am a stinky vinegaroon. I need to take a bath."

While playing together Gemma managed to get a hold of Ben's hair and pull a chunk of it out by the roots. Ben didn't cry or fight back but he looked up at me with a pained expression while holding his head and said "Does Ben's head hurt?"

We call Gemma our vacuum baby because she spends her days scanning the carpet for lint, hair, crumbs, rocks and anything else gross that shouldn't be eaten, so that she can eat it. While my mom was babysitting the other day, Gemma has gotten under the table and was doing her vacuuming and Ben said to my mom in a slightly disgusted tone of voice "Those are called bits, Gemma eats the bits." He has also tattled on her and exclaimed "Mommy! Moot (Gemma) is being a vacuum baby!"

The other day I brought Ben into bed with me because he woke up way too early and I was hoping that he would go back to sleep. That did NOT happen. instead he wiggled around and entertained himself by annoying me while I tried to sleep. I actually did fall back to sleep for a bit but once he realized that I was sleeping he located a hole on my shirt and poked his finger through it. He thought it was hilarious and he kept on on poking me and then finally asked me "Are you naked?" Groggily I said "no Ben." To which Ben replied "Are you half naked?" I then got to explain why holes in clothing existed. I did not get to go back to sleep.

Words that are not said properly at the moment:

yeast- "geese"
zit- "zip"
camera- "crama"
Sandal- "sannual"
Buzz Lightyear- "Bud White-Ear"

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