Friday, January 09, 2009

Anatomy 101

How often do we take for granted our vocabularies and the knowledge that we have. Sure, we know our body parts, their names and functions but we had to learn that all and someone taught us. I decided to teach Ben a more in-depth understanding of his body. Gemma is currently learning to touch her eye when we say "eye" and so on. It's very cute because whenever we say (in that border-line pratronizingly sweet voice) "Where's Gemmma's nose?" She presses her little snoot as flat as it can get and then starts making a whistley sniff sound while crinkling her eyes up and shreiking with delight. She's a doll.

Anyway, Ben's understanding of his bady is a bit more advanced than Gemma's condsiring the fact that he's has had two extra years to learn about the human body. I have been quizzing him about the lesser-know body parts. How many people know where their philtrum is? Well, Ben knows. He can now identify his philtrum, septum, nostrils, palate, gums, taste buds, temple, eye lids, jaw, scalp, throat, ear lobes, thumb, pinkie fingers, index fingers, knuckles, ball of foot, arch and heel. He has also learned the five senses and the parts that give us the ability to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. Let me remind you that he's not even three yet. I know I'm bragging. I'm honestly, just really impressed with my little genius.

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