Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Sky Country

I'm getting excited for our trip to Montana! If you've never been there then you can't understand that the sky really is BIG there. I'm a bit anxious about the incredibly long drive but we've done it twice before just not with two kids. We have a lot of fun things planned mostly involving food or the out-of-doors. Anyway, I'm just glad that Colin finally decided that he didn't know enough about sailing (from reading on the internet)to rent a 20' sailboat. I was a good wife and didn't crush his dreams, but good gracious, I was relieved when I could put my abundant and irrational fears to rest. If you are reading this, sorry Colin! :D

We are leaving tomorrow at 4:00 am and we will be Tweeting (on the website "Twitter") along I-90 from here to there. We would be overjoyed if you want to follow us along the way. Please do so at :

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