Friday, December 18, 2009

Why men never get what they want for Christmas.

These are realistic examples of the online chats that Colin and I have had regarding Christmas presents.

Colin: What do you want for Christmas?
Erin: Oh, I'm glad you asked. I made a list of links to the items I want. I gave you lots of options so that I can still be surprised. :)

-Rasp grater
-Frosting spreader
-Amazing necklace
-Another great necklace
-This dvd set
-Or this dvd
-Medium cookie scoop
Etc., etc., etc.

Erin: What do you want?
Colin: Oh! I want a (fill in the name of some obscure piece of computer hardware that costs $500).
Erin: Uhhh... Anything else???
Colin: Nothing that I can think of. Well, maybe you could just get me a gift certificate to
*crickets heard chirping*
Erin: And this is all you can think of? Nothing more personal?
Colin: Nope. But I'll like anything you get me.
Erin: Well I guess I'll have to come up with something on my own.

The result:

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Ramelle said...

The sweater is really quite appropriate since most men, when asked what they want for Christmas, respond like they are living in the Bozone.
When asked what he wanted for Christmas, your Grandpa Flory would never give me a real answer either. He ALWAYS responded, "Peace on Earth". He never got that, but I ever heard any complaints about the See's Candies I'd give him. Conclusion: Men will ask for weird stuff, but they like FOOD the best.